basis of argument

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com/teen-mom-2-star-kailyn-lowry-responds-after-nsfw-brazilian-butt-lift-tummy-tuck-dr-2270001) plastic surgery and exotic vacations were also a basis of argument for several commenters.
Ultimately, its conclusions lack a basis of argument or evidence, and its attempt to link test scores to the nation's economic standing fails.
A premise (singular) is, according to our dictionary, a proposition that serves as a basis of argument or inference (or something assumed or taken for granted).
If that person is not a Christian, my basis of argument has to be from a different premise.
In fact, many of the factors that are considered to see whether copyright has arisen will form the basis of argument in the High Court in the coming weeks in the context of the work of Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, authors of The Holy Cross and the Holy Grail from which Dan Brown is alleged to have taken several central themes.
We will take a decision after going through documents and on the basis of arguments given during the public hearing.
If a bishop should refuse such a confirmation or "ordination" on the basis of arguments not involving the essence of the Eucharist, such as obligatory celibacy, parishes may be confident that they are able to celebrate a real and genuine Eucharist when they are together in prayer and share bread and wine.
We have adopted positive decisions precisely on the basis of arguments in favour of positive spin-off.
About 25percent men said stress due to shortage of money was the basis of arguments.
Others are the basis of arguments for policies that, if implemented, would have harmful effects.
And the Tory schools spokesman is right to warn that if the party wins the next election it will ultimately be on the basis of arguments rather than image.
They all advance important philosophical positions but not wholly on the basis of arguments formulated as numbered premises and standard rules of inference.