bask in

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I will approach him and bask in the sunshine of his humble felicity.
Summary: Many tourists from various parts of the world are coming to Dubai to bask in its many attractions.
The next TWO weeks all see sunny spells enveloping the city, with Coventry set to continue to bask in temperatures reaching the high-20s.
It's time to change our lifestyle, for those who are home bound or work from home, wake up early and bask in the sun, let the sun rays soak into our bodies and seep into our skin while we walk to shed off those extra pounds that we keep attracting like a magnet.
Finally, 'award-givers' should not award trophies to stars who actually do mediocre work, just because they're popular and agree to receive their award in person, enabling the award-givers to momentarily bask in reflected 'glory.'
PARTS of Britain are set to bask in temperatures higher than those on the French Riviera today.
According to reports, the starlet pulled out when the Canadian pop singer invited her to frolic and bask in the sun in Panama.
Festival-goers bask in the warm weather on the town's green at the Hay Festival yesterday as temperatures soared across Wales
Could they have found a cult hero in local Deputy Jim McDaid who does little more than bask in the sunshine after claiming the national parliament was "irrelevant" when accused of missing 80% of Dail votes?
But they also bask in the sun to spur production of vitamin D, which is important for healthy bones.