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467) in the banquet scene--or, for Taymor, to remaining an extension of corporate Disney--is amplified in the film's final moments, which depict him in slow motion exiting the Colosseum with Aaron's bastard child in his arms.
Welcome to week one of Strictly Come Dancing's deep-frozen bastard child.
And the unloved bastard child that is the Championship certainly doesn't bear the Guinness branding, or any other for that matter.
Design is typically viewed as the bastard child of fine art, as something an artist does to eat.
We've all heard Checkin' It Out and the UK tour that kicks off in December will give us the chance to see the Rock School rebel - described as the bastard child of Kim Wilde and The Undertones.
The idea he is the bastard child of Queen Elizabeth makes one seethe with contempt.
Fast-forward almost two decades into the George Jr years, and we find the bastard child of crossover metal Municipal Waste.
Candice Breitz (Sonnabend, New York) At a moment when the indolent DJ sampling cut-and-paste trope has permeated every aspect of imagemaking in culture, it's refreshing to see video work that beats the bastard child of appropriation to a bloody pulp.
Born in an era of great social divide as Catherine McMullen, Kitty, she starts this story as a rebellious and restless 17-year-old bearing the stigma of being a bastard child.
The saxophone may well be ``the bastard child of a shotgun marriage between brass and woodwinds,'' but does anybody really talk like that?
Families would go to extraordinary lengths to avoid the stain of having a bastard child besmirch the family name.
The bastard child of causal contemplation has gone by many names, as if it were trying to escape its reputation as an unworthy, unprofessional waste of time and instead start life over again in more respectable guise.