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The Dutch brought "koetje" recipes with them, the so-called "little cakes" were so popular with the first settlers that the English bastardization of "koetje" cookie, became the standard name in the United States.
Similarly, a huge concentration of muxes (pronounced mu-shay, a Zapotec bastardization of mujer, the Spanish word for woman), male-to-female transgender people who hold a distinct, even esteemed place in society, have chosen the state's second-largest city, Juchitan, as their home.
How is it that we agreed to settle for a bastardization of a holiday called upon to embrace this universal theme?
He highlights the false use of statistics taken out of context -- the emigration of Palestinian Christians, Christians who suffered the same fate as their Muslim brethren, with "tens of thousands of Palestinian ChristiansC*displaced at various points since 1948, and to classify this displacement as emigration would be a gross bastardization of history.
All levels of the education hierarchy pressure community school teachers to abandon the reality of what they see in the classroom and adapt to the latest one-size-fits-all bastardization of quality teaching and learning.
Superficially silly--literally, Looney Tunes--"The Commissssioners" is actually a through-going investigation of the subjects of democracy, power, and architecture as a process of mirror internalization and historical bastardization.
In main, Ralph is unable to reach Gurudeva's level of success due to his strong conviction that any mixing of Africans and Indians, their hybrid collaborations, would prove irrevocably the social bastardization of colonial subjects.
The old Pete would never countenance the wholesale bastardization of the American ideals by the rogue regime of George W.
O'Brien, possibly beer's most fanatical advocate, draws an extended timeline from beer's feminine beginnings through its corporate bastardization and finishes with a call to bring back small-scale brewing.
I thought your recent article "What Mainstream Media Can Learn from Jon Stewart" was one of the best analyses of the problem with the MSM news that I have read, especially with regard to what "balanced" and "straight news" used to mean and the bastardization of those terms by the current MSM.