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There must be no bastardizing or hybridization, no accidental grafts between these two generalities, genres, or genealogies.
NEW YORK-Through with "bastardizing" her design vision to meet lower price points that go along with the mass merchant business, Marlo Lorenz, principal designer and president of Thro Inc., has created a new subsidiary that will focus on high-end pillows and throws.
It's easy to see how Shore's fragmentary, deadpan road-movie stills--with their modest scale, encyclopedic scope, skewed angles, and abject subjects--would have looked weird in the early '70s, uncomfortably bastardizing Ruschaesque conceptualism, Vietnam-era fury, and Pop glam.
To the extent that they have digested Jacobs, they have romanticized her vision, bastardizing her empirical observations of how cities work into a formula they want to impose not just on cities but on suburbs and small towns as well.