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BASTARDY, crim. law. The offence of begetting a bastard child.

BASTARDY, persons. The state or condition of a bastard. The law presumes every child legitimate, when born of a woman in a state of wedlock, and casts the onus probandi (q. v.) on the party who affirms the bastardy. Stark. Ev. h. t.

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According to Andrew Blaikie, two aspects of the "regional bastardy indices" jolted bourgeois complacency.
The sexual politics of bastardy that ripples through the Shandy family has important consequences for the traditional, paternal sense of order that Walter embodies.
GR case that the common law to that point recognized that, where parents were not married, the father of the child was a legal stranger to the child, remarking that "Certainly, the bastardy rule affirms the importance of the marital bond, and expresses disapproval of the father for having sired the child out of wedlock.
He was unmarried and had no recorded illegitimate children in a society in which bastardy was not necessarily a barrier to succession.
Bastardy and its Comparative History: Studies in the History of Illegitimacy and Marital Nonconformism in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, North America, Jamaica, and Japan.
Marked by bastardy in the closing fourteenth scene, a feeling of entrapment and helplessness determines his outlook, which breaks out into a collective blood bath.
Buckingham's litany of Edward's supposed infidelity and the resulting bastardy of his sons in the Tower finally convinces the Mayor and citizens to "entreat" Richard to assume the throne.
I would be suffering from two disabilities if I were cast there, both the foreignness of my father and my own bastardy.
The contributors discuss topics such as survival strategies of unmarried mothers; social attitudes towards bastardy; the morality penalty of illegitimacy; the paternity of illegitimate children; and the existence of a bastardy prone sub-society.
This aim is more satisfactorily carried out in the last third of the volume which addresses the status of women, legal prohibitions against adultery, monogamy, polygamy, surrogate motherhood, infertility, the tension between responsibility to undertake a levirate marriage and the prohibition against incest, divorce, rape, murder, bastardy, conversion, and forcible separation of husbands from "foreign" wives.
MY CAREER as a misfit arguably began at birth, with my bastardy.
And recently he was forced to withdraw a question about single-parent families after referring to 'state-subsidised bastardy as an attractive career option'.