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The date span in the title (1558-66) is that of the late stages of conceptual planning and building of Tangier's bastioned citadel.
Antonelli completed designs for the permanent fortifications of the port city, surrounding it with secure, bastioned walls.
Elizabethan Chatsworth, like most of the country houses of its time, was built around a courtyard with an impressive, bastioned gatehouse, but its exceptional height and large windows foreshadowed the appearance of these features at Hardwick Hall.
Geoffrey Parker made his name in the seventies and eighties with his revision of Michael Roberts' "military revolution" thesis, arguing that this revolution was driven by technology--the cannon-proof bastioned fortress--rather than tactics.
70) The outlines of the new detached and attached counterscarps and/or bastioned works are a mixture of the various ideas explored in De Gomme's draughts.