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He bested housemates Kiara Takahashi of Batch 4, who got a total text vote of 30.29%, Lou Yanong of Batch 2 who got 8.28%, and Andre Brouillette of Batch 2 who earned 2.91%.u
Dr Zak's is recalling a batch of its Barn Farmed Liquid Egg White as Salmonella has been discovered.
The company also promised to refund any condoms from the batch numbers listed, provided the customer returns the condoms they purchased.
The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has recalled four batches of Gentamicin Injection BP 80mg for investigations into side effects.
The technology simplifies ongoing maintenance by eliminating the need for a centralized, dedicated batch server.
Batch accomplishes this in an authentic, livable, home-like setting where everything is for sale.
Honeywell's Experion Batch uses patent-pending visualisation technology to provide batch automation processes with the benefits of distributed control capability, said a statement.
The system allows the hand add stations to batch ahead and pre-stage totes for the main batching process.
Batch cooking--preparing multiple meals at once for later use--is on the uptick.
After considering several proposals, they chose the modular MobilMat Mo4500-5-WCS batch plant from Advanced Concrete Technologies (ACT), of Greenland, N.H.
Batch processes are the main way to produce the high value-added products such as fine chemicals industry and biopharming.