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the headspace of the batch fermentation flask was connected to a cylindrical flask filled with the liquid and with the opening connected with a hanging tube to a container of the same liquid; the biogas produced flowed from the headspace up into the cylindrical flask and replaced the liquid.
The pure culture studies were extended to observe the effect of GP in simulated colonic fermentation using a batch fermentation model inoculated with faecal bacteria.
From these results a local model comprising individual DPLS models will be used for the industrial batch fermentation process and a comparison made with a global NL-DPLS model.
The consistency of the polymer produced by fed batch fermentation biosynthesis is reflected in the reproducible composition, molecular weight distribution, thermal transition temperatures and decomposition temperature as shown by the average values and coefficient of variation for these parameters for eight biosynthesis runs shown in table 2.
Batch fermentation was performed at 4 different temperatures (28[degrees]C, 32[degrees]C, 36[degrees]C and 40[degrees]C) to determine the effect of temperature on xylitol production.
2005a), it was reported that production of some bacteriocins can be increased by employing fed-batch rather than batch fermentation [16,36] (Guerra et al.
Optimization of batch fermentation processes: I development of mathematical models of batch penicillin fermentation, in: Biotech.
The experiment was conducted separately for each condition as batch fermentation in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks.
Based on process development data at a 50 liter batch fermentation scale, Q Ceramic HyperD(R) LS had four times higher capacity than its nearest competitor in fluidized bed capture; additionally, the speed of the process was two times higher.