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As stated up, a many (three or more) batch processing machines in a flow shop is considered in this paper the objective is grouping jobs into batches, determining sequence and completion times of these batches on batch-processing machines in such a way that the makespan is minimized.
A monthly paid invoice report including this data element is critical to a batch processing system for corporations reporting use tax to multiple jurisdictions.
Rubber/plastic blends prepared by batch processing were placed between the platens, which were preheated to 225 [degrees] C.
Batch processing refers to the automated processing of large numbers of transactions, typically at the end of the day or overnight, when computer resources are typically less busy, rather than processing transactions individually in real-time.
At night, you might re-allocate the Solid State to address your month-end batch processing, which has gotten to the point where it is stretching the batch update window beyond its limits.
Today's batch processing equipment boasts high levels of automation through the use of PLCs and other devices such as automatic stock marking, stock sampling, cut-offs and weight measurement.
Batch processing is used by 63% for individual income tax preparation, 34% for business tax processing and 43% for financial statement preparation.
ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows[TM], UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS systems, today announced that ActiveBatch([R]), its popular batch processing and job scheduling software solution for enterprise use, will fully support the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system in its ActiveBatch Service Pack 5, scheduled for release on January 16, 2007.
Operation: Data input supports both interactive and batch processing.
The company handles all the compliance issues relating to OFAC and Fincen which can be obtained by on-line searches or batch processing.