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Food batches passing through dry heat ovens or steam processes can now be pre-tagged and will still be identifiable when the cooking process is completed.
As stated up, a many (three or more) batch processing machines in a flow shop is considered in this paper the objective is grouping jobs into batches, determining sequence and completion times of these batches on batch-processing machines in such a way that the makespan is minimized.
Evira said salmonella was detected in 11 samples of feed material batches delivered to Finland and in market surveillance samples taken from pet feeds.
Regarding integrated controls packages, many PC based control systems available today offer materials management, recipe handling, mixer and downstream procedure handling, scaling of batches to suit mixers of differing sizes, lot traceability, auditable reporting systems and improved batch-to-batch consistency.
When increasingly stronger batches of coffee were brewed, an increase in metal removal was observed, probably because of the increased contact time between the coffee and the water as it seeped through a thicker bed of grounds.
Plant engineers deal with hundreds of rubber mixing batches every day.
In order to be sure to exclude first batch effects, a number of batches was run to reach steady operating conditions.
The solution is designed to provide Aventis Pasteur with a flexible rapid-response modular processing capability to manufacture multiple batches of its brand-name products.
The other traditional test methods are not sensitive enough to separate these batches into two separate populations.
Batches of mixed documents are automatically identified and classified - much as a data prep person does when identifying and separating the documents into batches.
If it's speed you're after, Draiswerke is introducing a Gelimat thermokinetic batch mixer that delivers batches of compound in just 5 to 20 sec, thus providing an extremely short heat history.