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"There is no immediate safety concern for consumers and only three batches are affected.
"Only for the batches of condoms affected by this issue, there could be an increase in the number of condoms that burst during application or use.
'We have alerted health care professionals [given] details of the recall procedure and advised them to check their stock and immediately quarantine products from the affected batches."
N-level batching is the process by which items with different types are grouped into several batches passed from level 1 to level N sequentially for a given hierarchical clustering structure such that batches in each level of the hierarchy should satisfy the maximum and minimum batch size requirements of the level.
How do you identify and trace food batches passing through your process?
Regarding this description, two important and distinct decisions, but dependent, made on BPM problems are: first, grouping jobs into batches, and second, scheduling the batches to improve a performance measure.
Evira said salmonella was detected in 11 samples of feed material batches delivered to Finland and in market surveillance samples taken from pet feeds.
Obtaining complete production records for individual batches has been simplified by adding batch recording functionality to ABB's SM series videographic data recorders.
The Model 700-TH-40-SS Sanitary Rotary Batch Mixer gently blends batches of ingredients, in parts as small as one per million, with 100% uniformity in less than three minutes; evacuates 100% of the batch; and can be sanitized rapidly with no tools, reports Munson Machinery Co.
Displays will typically show recipe number, number of batches to be produced, material code number and an associated target weight for each ingredient required from the preparation center.
Gyro Plastic Mixers in several sizes mix liquid resin compounds of any viscosity in batches from one pint to 16 gal, and are reportedly highly effective for resin pastes.
Food company Masterfoods has recalled three batches of its Galaxy brand milk drinks after tests showed they contained raised levels of Bacillus Cereus.