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With about $15,000 in savings, Bate launched a marketing blitz to reach potential customers and to entice other RV owners with the novel idea.
On the one hand, I felt that it was too long: the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries provide Bate with irresistible episodes, yet in the end stories such as those of Fuseli and Berlioz and Scott tend to blur into one another, losing their force.
As Mr Cruikshank stood minding his own business, Bates then landed a heavy blow, causing him to fall back and crack his skull off the pavement.
Bates was subsequently sentenced to death, which was later reduced to life imprisonment.
But Liverpool crown court yesterday heard the Bates family held Mr Davis "morally responsible" for his death, because it was him who had argued with Mr Bates.
Bates will continue working with the company as a consultant.
Bates told Yorkshire Radio: "I see he's rather unwisely been giving an interview in which he says the players are tired.
Mick Bates AM Staff nurse Claire Morris said Bates was drunk and left red marks on her arm when he grabbed her while she saw to him at the University Hospital of Wales on January 20.
Marty Bates, who was waving a knife with a six-inch blade, shouted "stab him".
Falcons boss Bates was informed by a letter sent out on Thursday he had to attend a meeting scheduled for this afternoon, which forms part of a coaching review at the Kingston Park club.
Geoffrey Gray's (2008:114-15) remarks on Daisy Bates' scientific achievements call for a biographer's response--on her behalf and on behalf of the late Isobel White.