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The moon was shining brightly, and lighted him to the lake where he could bathe his poor broken legs.
Before me the sun, moon, and stars, Behind me the phoenix doth clang; In the morning I lash my leviathans, And I bathe my feet in Fusang.
Very glad to see you, and that you are taking George for a bathe.
The children go down to bathe before breakfast, and they can give you a call on their way back.
I notice that people always make gigantic arrangements for bathing when they are going anywhere near the water, but that they don't bathe much when they are there.
It was all one, part of his own fate in the world as it was part of Henderson's fate to bathe him every so often.
Lie down and let me bathe them, there's a dear boy; then there will be no harm done.