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TUB, measures. In mercantile law, a tub is a measure containing sixty pounds weight of tea; and from fifty-six to eighty-six pounds of camphor. Jacob's Law Dict. h.t.

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While death in a bathtub may be rare in this part of the world, it is not uncommon in countries like the US and Japan (see box).
In the US, federal mortality data in 2006 stated at least one American dies in a bathtub, hot tub or spa a day, with most of them high on alcohol or drugs.
The high polished chrome added tons of class to my bathtub," reported one of the happy customers of ANZZI.
She had her phone plugged into the extension cord and it was by the bathtub, and I did it, she did it, we all had sat there in the bathtub with our phones plugged in and played our games," the girl's stepmother, told CNN at the time.
Priced at $14, the Alex's G&T is served in a miniature porcelain clawfoot bathtub with fresh mint and a silver straw.
The freestanding bathtub dominates the bathroom of a two-story building that now houses the home economics classrooms at West Central Elementary School.
Since the groundwater level at the World Trade Center site was just a few feet below the surface, while bedrock was about 70 feet below the surface, creating the bathtub required first building a seven-story dam below the water level of the adjacent Hudson River or what is better known today as the slurry wall.
1) bars or rails take up the bathtub for people with physical disabilities (4 Unit)
The Emirati placed the body in a bathtub filled with water in an attempt to make it look like the woman had killed herself
Archbishop Chrysostomos said on Monday he installed a hydro massage bathtub on the terrace of the archbishopric, denying reports it was a swimming pool, as he lashed out at reporters.
In a release, the show quoted Gordon's mother as saying that her son feels guilty because he tried but failed to help Brown breathe after finding her face-down in a bathtub on Jan.
The late Whitney Huston's only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was linked to drugs just days before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub.