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Once I'd understood where you place your debit card and in which direction etc, I was on my way up the escalator into the dark recesses of the upstairs foyer, clearly designed by someone with batlike habits.
During a ballet of batlike aerialists, he suffers a panic attack, and is hastened out of the theater by his parents - to behold their shooting by an unbalanced thief
Rafa had scrutinized the construction of each drum, caressed the band of gleaming silver that anchored the drumhead, examined the six batlike wings that bolted the band to the wood.
The grey luminescence of the stars showed some kind of a domed head above two short batlike wings.
The shortage of blood is causing worldwide panic as the starving undead populace mutate into grotesque, batlike "subsiders.
Bloom's simple rhyme in iambic trimeter is not usually associated with Stephen's interest in iambs or his composition/plagiarism in "Proteus," but both record the flight of a bird or batlike figure over the sea.
The United States Air Force is so interested in developing batlike aircraft that they're funding the research.