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These vampire bats fly from place to place in great swarms, and they are so large and blood-thirsty that a few of them can kill a horse or an ox in a short time by sucking its blood.
After breakfast, while the Indians were making ready the canoes, Professor Bumper, who, in a previous visit to Central America, had become interested in the subject, made a brief examination of some of the dead bats.
Though if a sufficient number of these bats attacked a man at the same time, he would have small chance to escape alive.
The blood-sucking bats were comparatively few, and the migratory sort fewer still.
It's a monster bat, and here goes for a strike at it
Tom and Ned kicked outside the bat the former had killed in their tent, and then both went back to their cots.
The bat makes an opening in the skin with its sharp teeth and proceeds to extract the blood.
And at their feet on the warm, dry ground, similarly dressed, sits Arthur, Turkish fashion, with his bat across his knees.
shouted Arthur, dropping his bat and clapping furiously, and Tom joined in with a "Bravo, Johnson
It is over now, and Jack walks swaggering about his wicket, with his bat over his shoulder, while Mr.
So they leave the island and go to the tent; and after deep consultation, Arthur is sent in, and goes off to the wicket with a last exhortation from Tom to play steady and keep his bat straight.
Before introducing this issue, ask your students what they know about bats.