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Liberty Tavern rallied in the top of the sixth inning when it batted around the order, scoring seven runs.
There is no wonder that such mystical and sensational notions are batted around about the Egyptian pyramids, says Irish historian Sweeney (West U.
They're at their most animated--the camera is at its most lively--when people are thinking hard, when ideas are being batted around in the classroom.
Some scientists had batted around the idea that not all these changes were superficial--that instead, populations might be responding to global warming by modifying their genes.
This wing idea has been batted around in the FIA technical working group but Williams could not afford someone else having the advantage of it, even for one race.
A couple of hours drive from Bangkok is Hua Hin, home of the annual Anantara King; Elephant Polo Tournament held in October, Teams from around the world pay to compete in the charity event--a slow-moving game where spectators sip on Chivas Regal mojitos (a delicious libation with time, ginger, and lemongrass) while a ball is batted around with elongated polo mallets.
5 billion to $2 billion keep getting batted around as a value for Freedom, but my humble arithmetic skills don't buy it: broken up, Freedom is probably worth more like $2.
There's such a cacophony of energy and noise and hysteria that gets batted around at this time of year" in New York.