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O'Conner has suffered from the neuro-degenerative condition for some time and Anna Lisa Balding, wife of trainer Andrew, said: "We hope to provide some much-needed fundraising for Heather House and the children with Batten disease who live there and rely on all our help for the care that they receive."
Mr Batten said UKIP were in "direct competition" with Nigel Farage's newly formed Brexit Party.
Batten appears to have been put out by comments from Farage that under him UKIP had been destroyed by a "lurch towards extremism".
Mr Batten defended the tweet on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, saying: "I think this was satire."
Mr Batten defended the tweet on BBC One's The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, saying: "I think this was satire." Describing the candidate as "a classical liberal", Mr Batten said: "I don't know the exact context of that and I certainly don't condone any remarks like that but he is not a bad person as he's being portrayed.
Carl Benjamin was announced as an MEP candidate for Ukip in the South West this week, with Mr Batten (pictured) celebrating the decision having come after an "exhaustive process".
Fischer, Toriumi and Becker use alar batten grafts, mostly to correct an insufficient external nasal valve [3-5].
THE former deputy chairwoman of Ukip has become the latest high-profile figure to quit the party in protest at the leadership of Gerard Batten and his association with Tommy Robinson.
MEP Patrick O'Flynn left and fired a broadside at leader Gerard Batten for welcoming the English Defence League founder as an adviser.
Fourteen-year-old Claire Fairchilds spends most of her time practicing piano and crushing on her best friend, Juan, until the possibility of Batten disease (a fatal neurological disease preventing the body's cells from eliminating wastes) tears through her home.