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The company's Coatings-a-la-Carte concept, under which it formulates bespoke combinations of predust, batter and crumb, remains the definitive way for most processors to achieve the novelty the consumer craves.
In addition to the new batter flavors, and playing off the baseball batter terminology, several new ice cream Creations, cakes and shakes have been designed and will be available July 2 through August 31.
The staff use a special batter for the chips that makes them crispier on the outside.
This coeliac friendly, convenient and easy to use home-bake product mimics the taste and texture of original fish and chip shop style batter that provides superior crispiness and a sensational 'melt in the mouth' finish.
The Batter Blaster team pulled out all the stops to break this record," says Sean O'Connor, founder and CEO of Batter Blaster.
Researchers found that adding a high water-absorbing fiber just to the batter statistically reduced the product's oil content.
Since the ball acts late, the batter cannot distinguish the difference in the pitches.
Once the ball is set up properly, the batter should assume a proper stance (as taught by the coach) and think of the bat as an axe that he will use to cut down a tree.
Choose a pitcher, catcher, batter, and outfielders.
If you fancy batter instead of breadcrumbs, try making this simple beer batter.
Turn batter into 2 (8-inch) round layer cake pans (each 2 inches deep), sprayed with non-stick spray, dividing evenly.