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Well, it tastes like Christmas dinner - but the crispness of the batter takes the richness off," Lee said, adding: "It actually tastes really nice.
CrispTek LLC, Elkridge, MD, the company that sells the rice batter under the brand name Choice Batter, has an exclusive license from USDA for the technology.
Also, if you have a thick enough batter, you shouldn't need to flour the fish - this can sometimes make the batter fall off.
The concept behind Batter Crisps comes from our rich history in cake baking," says Andrew Ly, CEO of Sugar Bowl Bakery, based in Hayward, Calif.
Considering time between pitches, a batter often needs to step out to get his signs from the third-base coach.
Richer than a Russian oil baron, it tasted intense and extremely succulent thanks, in part, to an orange jelly stitching the filling to the batter.
But if the pitcher avoids throwing breaking balls altogether, the batter can anticipate fastballs exclusively, increasing his ability to record a hit, which scores the runner anyway.
After the batter hits the ball, he or she runs anti-clockwise, passing a series of markers on the way.
Specialist natural ingredients' company, Brazilian Flavours, has launched a unique gluten, wheat egg and dairy free batter premix, which produces a light, golden crisp coating.
The batter tosses the ball up and hits it toward the fielders.
If you fancy batter instead of breadcrumbs, try making this simple beer batter.