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The ill-fitting clothes, battered hands, and sunburned face remained; but these seemed the prison-bars through which she saw a great soul looking forth, inarticulate and dumb because of those feeble lips that would not give it speech.
"We shall see if his saddle-bags contain enough to pay you for that battered door."
Some were curious as to why halloumi would even be battered. Others said there was "too much batter and not enough lling" and that the batter was "too thick" with "not enough cheese, quite bland and chewy".
Young's Seafood, the UK's number one fish and seafood company, targets younger, health conscious shoppers with the launch of Gastro Tempura Battered Fish Fillets.
Carolyn Kerr runs a takeaway called The Battered Wife and defended the name after she faced complaints from around the world and boycott threats.
A majority of fast food and quick-service restaurants are opting for battered products for several meat applications such as chicken breast fillets, chicken nuggets, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, pork rinds, chicken patties, chicken chalupa, chicken kiev, fried chicken, and chicken karaage.
Approximately 80% of seafood products consumed in the United States are processed with batter, or are battered or breaded before frying.
A FISH and chip shop has started selling a battered Christmas dinner and it's getting a mixed reaction from customers.
"I remembered I had battered sweets for Easter, which went down well."
These defenses would allow defendants accused of homicide to receive a lesser punishment upon showing that they were battered by the murder victim.
AThe Scots may have invented the battered Mars bar but Tony Speroni is putting another popular sweet on the market - battered Creme Eggs.
A FISH and chip shop boss reckons he's cracked the secret of the perfect battered Creme Egg.