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76) The first such experiment, conducted in Omaha, Nebraska, failed, finding no evidence that arrest deters batterers.
Typically, when referred to BIPs batterers resist treatment (Buttell & Pike, 2003; Chang & Saunders, 2002; Eckhardt, Holtzworth-Munroe, Norlander, Sibley, & Cahill, 2008).
As we have seen, batterers tend to be ultra controlling of the abused parent when it comes to decision-making related to child rearing.
The present findings suggest that there are few standards available to meet the growing need for services for female batterers.
often called for to separate the batterer from the survivor so that she
One factor operating against the identification of culturally appropriate intervention strategies for ethnic minority batterers is the national legislative trend to institutionalize the "one size fits all" treatment model discussed in the literature (Moore, Greenfield, Wilson, & Kok, 1997; Williams, 1992).
That is, characteristics of the batterers themselves may prevent the goals of the treatment program from being achieved.
However, they are also required to attend an approved batterer intervention program and comply with the supervision strategy developed by the Domestic Violence Unit, as well as with any other special conditions ordered by the court.
In fact, it is not uncommon for batterers to use the children to control their partner.
He repents of the flood too, once he sees the suffering he has caused; like any batterer he regrets his loss of control, and promises never to do it again.
They are the very attitudes that batterers appeal to in order to license their behavior, and in our Western culture they prevail in various forms, some quite covert and some explicit.