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14) Defining domestic violence as torture would help the public understand that batterers do not merely inflict temporary physical pain, but cause permanent psychological damage as well.
Most offenders start in a batterer intervention program resistant to change.
Batterers often are publicly characterized as charismatic, charming and engaging.
34) Thus, early domestic violence legal interventions proceeded from two distinct, and sometimes conflicting, goals: a feminist goal of empowering victims so as to alleviate the power disparity that society had traditionally tolerated within the home and a law enforcement goal of protecting victims and punishing batterers based in values of deterrence and retribution.
There was a small change when a perpetrator completed a batterers intervention program and only a 5 percent reduction rate in repeat offenses.
The batterer as parent; addressing the impact of domestic violence on family dynamics, 2d ed.
Since 2004, when the Law of Integral Protection Measures against Gender Violence was approved by the Spanish Government, there has been a significant increase in treatment programmes for male batterers.
Domestic violence is evidence of detriment under the statute, (14) although many researchers and commentators have protested that batterers often get visitation and even custody of their children.
However, differences in state laws regarding the definition of and response to domestic violence affect both the consequences for and treatment options of batterers and the safety and treatment options of victims.
82) Not surprisingly, the level of emotional maturity among batters tends to be very low; experts maintain that batterers consistently put their own needs above the needs of their family, often to the detriment of their children.
3, 2012, batterers program, remain drug and alcohol free, no contact with victim, concurrent with other sentences; assault and battery, guilty, two years in the House of Correction, suspended, probation until Aug.
The most widely adopted theory of batterers and batterer intervention services, the Duluth model, was developed with only male perpetrators in mind (Pence & Paymar, 1986,1993).