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Hawker AGM batteries come fully charged and should need no special battery chargers.
SANYO has been a market leader in nickel metal hydride batteries for the consumer market.
Of course, it could take a decade until the batteries make their way to recyclers in any sizable quantities, says Shane Thompson, international accounts manager for metal recycler Inmetco, Ellwood City, Pa.
The goal of the auto-club campaign is to collect 5,000 batteries throughout Southern California.
One of the most important decisions consumers make when buying batteries is to find the most efficient type for the application, says Ric Erdheim, senior manager of government affairs for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.
Nickel-metal hydride batteries are very nice batteries," says Reilly.
Both sodium and lithium batteries explode if water touches them.
Wind and solar generators operating in residential settings store energy in thin film batteries for use in autos.
Just be careful about getting any of the baking soda solution IN the batteries.
Millard says the group's collection of recyclable batteries increased 12 percent in 2002 to roughly 3.
From the outside, the super-iron batteries look identical to conventional'' AA or AAA batteries, he said in an e-mail interview from Haifa.
There are many rechargeable batteries available, but only a few are widely used.