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73) In some jurisdictions, the expert also describes the extent to which the relationship in question demonstrates characteristics typical of battering relationships.
81) Experts also explain factors of domestic violence to dispel prior misconceptions about battering relationships.
The first theoretical construct, the Cycle Theory of Violence, refers to a three stage recurrent pattern of violence--"tension building," "acute battering," and "loving contrition"--that characterizes these relationships.
63) Although numerous studies document the profound impact of battering and its effects on women's physical and mental health, there is not overwhelming support for a particular profile: (64)
Downs delineates the characters of batterers, the nature of battering relationships, and the key tenets of the battered woman's syndrome in concluding that the fear that many battered women experience, which may resemble paranoia, actually results not from passivity or helplessness, but rather from a heightened sensitivity to their situations: "prior abuse can shape a battered woman's perception of what is impending; thus, even if she is wrong about imminent danger, her mistaken belief might be reasonable under the circumstances" (p.
In a battering relationship, the cycle of violence includes three distinct phases.
In either case, battering in the home is probably the most frequently committed crime in the United States, but also probably the most underreported crime.