battering ram

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Neighbours living in the block and nearby said they saw police with battering rams and crowbars.
But Mrs Figg was returned to the Butts Croft House home on Monday when four police officers, two social workers and a doctor came to the house on Keresley Close with a battering ram and a warrant to take her away.
The Bolton game could be very interesting if they decide to launch balls at him all day and use Kevin Davies as a battering ram.
Merseyside police were found to have breached Moira and Gerard Keegan's right to a private life, nearly seven years after officers slammed a battering ram into their front door of their Toxteth home.
Big Kevin Kyle, the Wearsiders' giant battering ram striker, looked as mean and moody as Mike Tyson when he pulled on the gloves.
Forty years ago, these defenders of sovereignty would have been promoting sovereignty as a powerful battering ram for destroying empires and undermining the legitimacy of colonization.
Thieves using a truck as a battering ram smashed into Geneva's watch museum yesterday, making off with around 100 pieces worth severa million Swiss francs.
A beleaguered Afghan family was forcibly removed from Britain after police broke into a mosque with a battering ram.
POLICE used a battering ram in a dawn raid to arrest a boy of 10 suspected of burglary.
David Mack was asleep in bed when the hit squad used a battering ram to hammer their way into his home.
SOCIAL workers and police armed with a battering ram mounted an "invasion" to take an 86-year-old woman away from her family, her daughter said last night.