battering ram

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He tried it from the inside and got nowhere - now he has joined the masses with the battering ram.
I saw them with the battering ram going through the door of a house.
They had a battering ram which they used to smash the door in and then they sent the sniffer dog in.
This time he showed a photo of a door with a splintered lock that had obviously been broken through by the battering ram.
During the raid, police put a battering ram through part of Frederick's door.
We used a battering ram wielded by the members of the Hamilton Police Emergency Response Unit, (known in American police-drama lingo as a SWAT team).
Stoke are a big battering ram of a side who play long balls and have Rory Delap to take outrageously long throwins.
The trim was too long for the car, and the slamming trunk acted like a battering ram, shoving the trim through the windshield.
Social workers even drafted in police with a battering ram to help, and carted 86-year-old Betty away with a blanket over her head.
But the battering ram is Wnding life as a solo striker tough and is yet to Wnd the net despite having chances prevented to him on a plate by Albion's richly-talented five-man mid-field.
With church pews as precincts he used religion as a battering ram.