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John Attwood, defending, said Batters, a school caretaker for 15 years, kept the weapons for self defence because he was worried about his personal safety.
The change in the physical location of the batter after three pitches often tends to throw the pitcher off balance, create confusion, disrupt his rhythm, and have a different effect on his pitches.
The fat content of Hoki pieces in the old English beer batter was nearly 40 percent lower than on fillets fried with commercial batter under identical conditions, the researchers found.
Currently, wheat flour holds sway as the chief ingredient in commercial batter products.
Even last April, that only happened about one out of every 30 times a batter came to the plate.
Carlos Quentin, the fourth batter of the inning, yanked a two-run homer into the left-field pavilion to tie the score, bringing a shower of boos down upon the ineffective Penny.
But such foods might now be acceptable as an occasional indulgence, if the fried favorite is made with a fat-fighting rice-flour batter.
These pitches will often be out of the strike zone, but will still cause the batter to lunge for them.
The batter, remembering my days as a rising fastball, swung too high.
PHOTO : Selection of products coated in various batters and crumbs
Consumers will have the choice of facing one of four pitchers, putting their big league talents in the batters box against hard-throwing veterans.