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Research has shown that rice-based batters absorb substantially less oil during frying--50% less oil than traditional wheat batters.
One of the key strategies of the game is to prevent runs, so forcing a club to keep a reliever in a game until he's pitched to three batters or yielded two or more runs does not equate to winning baseball.
Turn batter into 2 (8-inch) round layer cake pans (each 2 inches deep), sprayed with non-stick spray, dividing evenly.
My approach was to examine matchups between starting batters and starting pitchers, giving the greatest opportunity to discover changes during the course of a game.
I am obviously relieved and glad that common sense has prevailed,' said Mr Batters who has been married for 29 years and has worked at the school for the past two-and-a-half years.
A right-handed batter is given the take signal on a 3-0 count.
The academics tested two commercial batters against three homemade recipes, frying fillets of Hold, a fish found only in the Southern Hemisphere and abundant around New Zealand.
There, scientists-turned-chefs have concocted a new rice flour batter that absorbs 60 percent less oil than standard commercial batters made from wheat.
Although batters can hit home runs off other parts of the bat, a hit from the sweet spot delivers an exceptionally powerful wallop to the ball without stinging the batter's hands.
Elmer Batters either doesn't know about such fastidious judgments or doesn't care.
As batters knocked ball after ball out of stadiums early this season, players and fans were left wondering: Is the baseball "juiced"?