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Batting performance of wood and metal baseball bats.
After a breakthrough junior year, Huff battled through a leg injury to hold her own against elite competion, batting .
The towel bat is used on deck to get loose before you get ready to hit in batting practice or in a game.
A definite advantage batting second in the championship and first in one-day games.
Serious ballplayers tape up the barrel of their bats to protect the surface during batting practice, but the tape changes the weight of the bat, so the batter is practicing with the wrong instrument.
We usually like batting Adam ninth because he gets in scoring position a lot, but right now he's hitting well with runners in scoring position and we need his production.
Gwynn has won batting titles with his ability to put the bat on the baseball.
The hitter can learn the delay (after the stride) and hitting the ball where it is pitched, in batting practice.
Charley Lau, along with Chicago White Sox batting coach Walt Hriniak, are identified with the Weight-Shift system.
The 2001 Daily News Player of the Year, Watson-Perry is batting .
Ginther has a batting cage in his backyard, and the team practices hitting twice a day.