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302 slugging percentage and seventh in batting average.
Great for extra batting practice before a game--eliminates muscle fatigue.
Pitchers are going to try and get you out the same way whether you're batting third or ninth.
52 ERA and 54 strikeouts in 74 innings, and Bell is batting .
Gwynn has won batting titles with his ability to put the bat on the baseball.
The hitter can learn the delay (after the stride) and hitting the ball where it is pitched, in batting practice.
Charley Lau, along with Chicago White Sox batting coach Walt Hriniak, are identified with the Weight-Shift system.
North Carolina junior Jaclyn Holden (Saugus) is batting .
His story: A first-round selection (19th overall) in 2003 out of UC Berkeley, Jackson (El Camino Real High School of Woodland Hills) was the Northwest League's MVP in his professional debut, batting .
Green, who appeared as a pinch hitter in the ninth and walked, is batting .
307 (39 for 127), but he struggled at South Bend last season, batting .
Instead, Dodgers general manager Dan Evans, in the name of a more balanced lineup and more firepower at the position, rented the left-handed batting Fred McGriff for $3.