battle maneuver

See: strategy
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NNA - The Commando Regiment in the Aqoura-Laklouk mountains carried out a battle maneuver with live ammunition in the presence of Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, the Assistant US Secretary of Defense, Robert Karem, US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, and a number of officers.
She made the weight shifts urgent, accelerated the time steps, and the most awkward lift became as functional as a battle maneuver. In all this, she carried herself grandly.
This gripping narrative about the battle for Hue during the Tet offensive of January-February 1968, is superbly supplemented by fantastic maps that enables readers to follow battle maneuvers and unit placements on both sides.
"Don't I get some kind of medal, or at least an A in my class on battle maneuvers?" Lavender thought as she walked out of Lock's office and back to school.
Greek words, such as chiton, mythological references, and detailed battle maneuvers add historical flavor.

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