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Caverswall Castle at Caverswall in Staffordshire, a Grade l listed, battlemented, turreted manor house in 20 acres.
The Manor House with a battlemented front looks intriguing and rather secretive.
The backdrop is the 16th century Hillfield Hall with its medieval, battlemented looks, known best in recent years as a restaurant and pub business.
Past a fine battlemented house our way becomes a lane to the village of Laverton.
This enchanting folly is Grade II listed and has a most distinctive appearance, with a raised turret and a battlemented roof terrace reached by a spiral, stone staircase.
As its name suggests, Miramare thrusts spectacularly out into the Adriatic Sea, a 19th-century dream of a medieval fortress, surveying the shipping lanes from its white battlemented walls.
G Wodehouse glimpsed it here when he was a visitor - Lord Emsworth smoking a cigar, in bed, while he reads the Bridgnorth, Shifnal and Albrighton Argus, Beach the butler suggesting that bloodhounds might be useful at Blandings, 'very difficult finding people in a place this size', and a description of the battlemented roof with flagstaff and 'fascinating panorama of Shropshire and its adjoining counties'.