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The main corps de logis lining the south-east and north-east curtain walls consisted of two floors in the south-east wing, topped in the north-east wing by a battlemented platform subsequently covered with a pitched roof (an appearance preserved all the way from the Civitates to Hollar).
and battlemented on the top, over which were seen, half-hidden by the
Predominantly built with Grinshill stone in a Gothic style, the exterior features battlemented parapets and mullioned windows.
Town and castle are all of a piece, their battlemented walls raised simultaneously, in keeping with King Edward I's policy of settling Wales with gated colonies.
An earlier view, dated 1651 (private collection, Norfolk) incorporates men on horses which plunge, high-stepping through the troughed sandy ascent, into the spinning rain fled by birds, to reach the battlemented height.
Low in the water, great baobab trees at either end overshadow a battlemented ruin.
I suppose you could call the roof battlemented, but you could hardly call the whole thing a castle.
Along the battlemented walls are wooden shutters pierced with holes and swinging on enormous hinges.
There is a fine staircase in oak with mythical figures depicted at each turn, connecting the three main floors and the accessible, battlemented rooftop.
In the next century, Sir Thomas Brudenell (1578-1663) was a staunch Royalist and devout Roman Catholic, who built the battlemented tower at one corner of the house and collected many of the books now at Deene, though to his indignation he had to pay to get them back after Roundheads had confiscated them when they sacked the house in 1643.
Two years after Princess Victoria had spent time in up-and-coming Malvern, Priory Manor was built in lavish, new Gothic, battlemented style.
Like the grey battlemented O'Doherty Tower at the museum's entrance (also replica), they are an attempt to recreate the physical setting to Derry's history.