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After being contacted by the Sunday Mail, an Inside Track spokesman said: "Mr Baulk used to work as a consultant for us but we shall now be suspending him indefinitely."
Baulk, a self-employed property investor, bought 12 flats at the trendy Western Harbour development in June 2006.
JESS PACKER, Sittingbourne's racing manager, confirms the suspicion I expressed in my original letter: he knows what he means by the term 'baulked' - worse than bumping or crowding - and perhaps Sittingbourne patrons understand this.
pounds 650 & pounds 620 High Baulk, pounds 615 Hedley West Riding, pounds 595 Tarset Hall, pounds 592 Cornhills, pounds 590 Brownsleazes, pounds 580 High Baulk, pounds 575 Cornhills, pounds 570 & pounds 565 Horse Holme, pounds 560 Hollin Close, pounds 550 Horse Holme, pounds 540 High Baulk, pounds 530 Greyside, pounds 528 Cornhills, pounds 525 & pounds 520 Greyside, pounds 520 Redesmouth, pounds 515 Cornhills & Westerkirk.
The large transfer fee will surprise many -Wigan boss Paul Jewell baulked at Norwich's demand for "silly money" before Christmas -but Aldridge insisted: "Alan Pardew has identified Dean as a player who can play a key role in helping the club to reach a new level, and we have therefore worked extremely hard to ensure that the transfer goes ahead.
IN response to the use of the term 'baulked', as queried in a recent letter, I would be interested to know where Muttley acquired his information from.
READER Tim Hopkins wrote in offering to bet a farthing to a penny that there would not be a universal answer from anyone on the greyhound desk as to what the term 'baulked' actually means.