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A literary version containing the same motifs--though in a decidedly bawdier form--is to be found in the story of Pietro di Vincolo of Perugia and his wife and her lover in the tenth tale of day five of The Decameron; see Decameron, 2, pp.
Add a bawdy commoner appropriately named Mistress Quickly, played with earthy humor by Danette Lamson, and a gender-switched Host of the Garter, played with even earthier, bawdier delight by Sarah Cassady, and the result is four very strong women's roles and performances.
Sculptor - cams bawdier Jason Taylor set up the gallery two years ago to celebratelocal culture, and help regenerate the coralreef damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.
On Sunday, the Golden Globes ceremony - traditionally a looser (read booze-fueled), bawdier harbinger of the Oscars - was replaced with a press conference announcing the winners.
Then came the Carry Ons featuring a bawdier, style of humour.
If his bawdier side upsets you, maybe your rosy view of yourselves as a couple is based on wishful thinking.
Bawdier has challenged the notion that the abandonment of fish caused hardship.
In the bawdier Broadway production, the T-Birds refer to using cellophane instead of condoms - and they let Travolta rub his crotch with the stuff as a secret signal for hard-core fans.