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He dons a dapper get-up and brutally proceeds to belt out the bawdiest ditties.
Finally, Mary's chatter brings her to what contemporary readers identify as her bawdiest speech of this portion of the novel, her pun on "'Rears, and Vices'" (60)--an utterance that renders Edmund again "grave," and from which he rescues her (and himself) by "revert[ing] to the harp, and [being] again very happy in the prospect of hearing her play" (60).
The Troubie inventiveness is at its bawdiest and, amid all the parodies, double entendres and grindings by the provocatively clad Rag Dolls, this is still - amazingly - Shakespeare's story.
It's about as appropriate as the brightest tiara of the shiniest fairy on top of the gaudiest and bawdiest Christmas tree with artificial snow and all the trimmings on Southport beach in the middle of July.
La cazarria was by far the bawdiest of many 16th-century Italian treatises on sex, in this case a dialogue between Arsiccio (Vignali himself) and his sexually naive friend Sodo.
Still, one of Landry's bawdiest traditions is safe for now: He ends every Showgirls performance with his genitalia tucked between his legs as he sings "Beaver," a send-up of Peggy Lee's "Fever.
Who would have thought Buckingham Palace would turn out to be the bawdiest knocking shop in town?
It's Americana at its best, baddest, biggest, bawdiest, and beautifulist (yes, I know, but indulge me).
An unquestioning Puritan in matters of sexual morality, in Moll Flanders he would write one of the bawdiest books of his time.