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38) I am inclined to disagree here with Jowett and Taylor's belief that the Provost is the prompter in this scene; it seems a role eminently suited to Lucio (with his tendency to the bawdily reductive), at least at this stage.
In his now thoroughly ragged clothing, Hamlet sat at Ophelia's feet and bawdily intoned "COUN-try" matters.
TAMARA DREWE Cert 15, 111 mins Leicester-born director Stephen Frears works wonders with significant parts of his latest British comedy that's bawdily inspired by Thomas Hardy's Far From The Madding Crowd.
That said, the only one that you, my fellow wine aficionados, need to be concerned about is that, this year, I shall be embarking on a journey to seek out new wines, to discover new civilised libations, to bawdily go where no one has been for at least a week or two.
Such identifications were not always bawdily satiric: the clown-playwright Robert Armin proudly styled himself "Clunnico del Curtanio Snuffe," paid homage to the mountebank Scoto in a jest-dialogue, and praised and translated a jest book by Straparola, writing modestly, "I but light a Taper at his Torch .
The place of publication is bawdily described as "London Putitin, Rogers and Co.
One scene reveals a mock courtroom, with "Justices upon thy Bench" (190); the next, a church with "Drunken Priest" bawdily telling jokes from "thy Pulpit" (204).
Pru says she sees Lady Godiva as a unifying force in Coventry communities - and her belief in the role meant she turned down early opportunities to play the part bawdily.
Whether as a witty soldier's friend, bawdily reminding Antony that his business with Cleopatra "wholly depends on [his] abode" in Egypt, or mesmerizing Maecenas by delivering the gorgeous poetry of "the barge she sat in" as an eyewitness report, or even leading the toasts during the drinking party aboard Pompey's ship, Best's Enobarbus often seemed to be the play's lone voice of independent intelligence; one is grateful, for example, that at least one Roman sees that the apparent valor with which Antony resolves to fight Octavius is accompanied by "a diminution in our captain's brain.
Sex and medicine coalesce; physical examination becomes a motif for fornication; and the practitioner's apparatus -- his cane, enemas, lancets, squirts and clyster-pipes - assume an erotic air, sometimes bawdily comic; lewd double entendres proliferate, and occasionally, as doctors inspect and inject patients' private parts, the pornography is quite overt.