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Yet Hamlet's alliterative conjunction of "bloody" and "bawdy"--reinforced by the subsequent line's rhyme on "treacherous, lecherous" (558)--suggests a deeper source of corruption within Claudius: a bawdiness of the blood responsible for the villainous melding of murderousness and lust in his disposition.
The first series may not have enjoyed massive viewing figures but its eye-rolling bawdiness earned it a cult following.
Then the controversy about the bawdiness of the novel reached Herwig's far-off part of the globe.
Like Pier Paolo Pasolini, who in 1972 made a film based on Chaucer's tales, Chetwynd seems fascinated by medieval Christianity, with its bawdiness and devilish temptations intact--before Protestantism came along and spoiled the party.
If this is the case, rather than her bawdiness, then why doesn't she revert to her maiden name, Sally Illman, for nights on the tiles?
There is a good bit of humor, some of it derived from the various misunderstandings and the fact that Hannah's knowledge of the English language does not include idioms and slang, and some of it from the fact that, while Hannah seems like such an innocent, she was raised in a cabaret and is not fazed by some bawdiness.
Eric Partridge, the supreme expert on English slang, contended in an influential study dated 1947 that, in his attitude towards sex and towards bawdiness, Shakespeare shows that he was "both an idealist and a realist; a romantic and a cynic; an ascetic and a hedonist; an etherealist and a brutalist; a philosopher and the average man; a saint and a sinner .
Imparting the misconception that bawdiness in women (acting like "ladettes," as they say in England) equals women's liberation.
The elders, nicely pickled in the local brew they've been quaffing all evening, laugh and encourage the bawdiness.
These plays were lauded for their bawdiness and wit.
Like professional wrestling, there's an element of theatrics to the whole event - one clip on YouTube pits "Sarah Palin" against "Hilary Clinton" - with a dash of bawdiness.