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BAY. Is an enclosure to keep in the water for the supply of a mill or other contrivance, so that the water may be able to, drive the wheels of such mill. Stat. 27 Eliz. c. 19.
     2. A large open water or harbor where ships may ride, is also called a bay; as, the Chesapeake Bay, the, Bay of New York.

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California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) infected with Phytophthora ramorum.
black berries from an unknown ornamental tree, and fruit from the California Bay Laurel (Umbellularia californica).
A bird feeder is a lovely gift made even more special with a tree from which to hang it, and a book of soup recipes becomes more meaningful if the bay leaves can be picked from a potted Bay Laurel.
Bay laurel is typical of thermo-hygrophilous coenosis of Mediterranean areas (Table 1), mainly represented in pre-forest mantles or woodlands, where it appears frequently as a sporadic shrub species.
Shoppers will also be able to pick bay leaves for their soup recipes from eight bay laurel trees.
Bay laurel topiaries in antique garden urns framed the flowerbeds, and a pair of large topiaries covered in French tulle marked the steps.
The run concludes in the shade of bay laurel trees, the leaves of which: "touch your hair, and you turn home.
ALLPLANT ESSENCE[TM] new flavors including German Chamomile, Thyme, Oregano, Incense Cedar, and Bay Laurel
Name: Bay Laurel Occupation: Occasional surprise component in forkfuls of home-cooked bolognese sauces.
It sickens nearly two dozen other hosts that range from California buckeye, bay laurel, and bigleaf maple to redwood, some rhododendrons, and even certain blueberry cultivars.
Ancient Greeks awarded bay laurel wreaths to outstanding scholars, renowned artists, and triumphant athletes.