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BAY. Is an enclosure to keep in the water for the supply of a mill or other contrivance, so that the water may be able to, drive the wheels of such mill. Stat. 27 Eliz. c. 19.
     2. A large open water or harbor where ships may ride, is also called a bay; as, the Chesapeake Bay, the, Bay of New York.

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We planted a bay tree in our garden but hadn't realise how big it will grow.
Spin Collective personalised tree wall sticker, Not On The High Street Appalachian artificial pre-lit pine tree with 300 LED lights, artificial fruit and cone wreath, hurricane lantern, wooden robin bird box, bay trees with Christmas bow, tree decorations including red glass decorations, ceramic Santa, filigree Santa, metal rocking horse, metal tree decoration and heart decoration, all Dobbies Let there be light Everything looks better with fairy lights.
Rare lilies, olive trees, hanging baskets, bay trees and roses were among the plants most frequently swiped.
Yard doors were painted, trellis put up and 20 elegant containers of conifers and bay trees dotted down the sides.
The 60cm high decorated bay trees cost pounds 25 and there are other plants on offer, including dwarf chilli plants (pounds 17) and fruiting mandarin trees (pounds 30) and more traditional plant gifts including hyacinths, amaryllis and cyclamen baskets (from pounds 19).
The handmade slate plant pots with bay trees were taken from the garden outside Romilly Nursing Home, Romilly Road, Canton, Cardiff, between Sunday night and Monday morning.
Choose from a variety of planters and trees including bay trees, zinc cupressus and bamboo.