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BAY. Is an enclosure to keep in the water for the supply of a mill or other contrivance, so that the water may be able to, drive the wheels of such mill. Stat. 27 Eliz. c. 19.
     2. A large open water or harbor where ships may ride, is also called a bay; as, the Chesapeake Bay, the, Bay of New York.

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which was offered the contract in April, said, 'We are tentatively scheduled to start milling Monday May 8th on Bayberry Lane.
As part of the transaction, Bayberry Capital principals Jay Wright and Bill Forkner, will become advisors to and shareholders of Delta.
This Bayberry property that was constructed in 1986 and 1987 consists of 222 one- and two-bedroom residential units, offers amenities such as a clubhouse with a seating lounge, a pool area with a sun deck, an updated fitness centre, two lighted tennis courts, an outdoor lounge, barbecue area and a car care centre.
As part of the purchase consideration for Bayberry, NXRT has entered into a new USD 12.
After an hour drive to the Refuge, the two cottontails are released into a one-acre outdoor fenced area lush with blueberry, goldenrod, northern bayberry, and poison ivy.
Body: Whether it's CherryPURErm Freeze Dried Montmorency Tart Cherry for Muscle Recovery; ChlorAxisTm Green Coffee Bean for weight loss; ProMyrrm Bayberry Bark for blood sugar control or EnergySourcermCarbohydrate Complex for sustained energy, the AGG Sport ez Body lineup provides unique competitive advantages unrivaled in the sport and body marketplace.
THE SCARLET DAWN BROKE AS A FLOCK OF ATLANTIC brant swept over us as we sat hidden in the bayberry bushes, the receding tide lapping at our feet.
Treatment with NO could delay softening and the decrease in total phenolic contents, thus helping to maintain Chinese bayberry fruit quality and antioxidant capacity.
To help mask your scent, Kittleman suggests rubbing your face and clothes with bayberry and pine before each hunt and placing these items with your clothes to help your scent match the surroundings.
They include: a northern bayberry in Nassau County; a common juniper in Schenectady County; a black locust in Wayne County; a scarlet hawthorn and a Norway spruce in Oneida County; and a northern oak, a speckled alder, a prairie crab apple and a purple osier willow in Monroe County.