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The existing facilities in and around Cox's Bazar have reported a 150-200 percent increase in patients, overwhelming current capacity and resources.
As per the government's decision, at least 12,000 Rohingyas were transferred to Balukhali of Cox's Bazar in the first phase since 20 October 2017.
A number of economic activities and NGOs participate in the 2-day bazar which is organized by "Al-Waad Al-Sadek (Truthful Pledge) Foundation" in coordination with the Ministries of Social Affairs and Labor, Tourism and Information.
Shop owners of Bazar requested that they could leave their waste bags infront of their shops at night, or dump them in Albayrak containers; our company workers and mini-dumpers will collect it early in the morning.
A plot of land at Kolatoli in Bangladesh's southeastern tourist city of Cox's Bazar, which was apparently promised as a present to legendary boxer Muhammad Ali during his February 1978 visit, was never registered in his name.
In the same way all other markets including Anarkali, Kashmiri Bazar, Rang Mahal, Mozang Main Bazar, Ichra main bazaar, Ferozepur Road Markets.
Dubai: The 10th edition of the Almas Bazar Exhibition began in Dubai under the slogan 'Arab Women's Ultimate Destination'.
However, Awesome Bazar doesn't issue refunds or exchanges for specific items like handbags, jewellery, sunglasses and leather goods.
Sharing a word about the association with Franchise Bazar, Mr.
According to police, when the decesed, a 16- year- old boy, was passing through a narrow lane in the Sadar Bazar area, he accidentally touched Mohammed Zubair, a butcher.
Bangladesh has a vast (around 710 km long) windy coast, especially in the Cox's Bazar, Patuakhali (southern coast), Mongla and Sundarban areas.
Le Groupe des Conjoints des chefs de mission diplomatique et des representants des organisations internationales accredites en Tunisie (GC CMD-ROI) organise le Bazar diplomatique.