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BARREL. A measure of capacity, equal to thirty-six gallons.

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They released a statement which read: "The BBL is an independent company, equally owned by its eleven Member Clubs, which has run the top men's professional league in the UK since 1987.
As member clubs of the BBL, each holds a directorship on the BBL Board - the body that is responsible for all policy and decision-making related to every facet of the company, including but not limited to, the rules and regulations of the company, the setting of financial budgets, contracts etc - and is entitled to equal voting rights therein.
In accordance with the BBL Regulations, the Chief Operating Officer has sole responsibility for decision making related to the implementation of the regulations in regard to the BBL Competitions, or any regulation associated thereon, other than the setting of the Competition formats which is determined by the Member Clubs.
Prior to joining the Jets last summer, McCord was with BBL rivals Thames Valley Tigers.
FLOURNOY'S players overcame Guildford and Chester to reach the 2005 BBL Cup final after earning a bye in the first round.
FORMER Eagles favourite Niki Arinze is facing a fight to be fit for the BBL Cup final after suffering a recurrence of an old shoulder injury.
Design Development, Marketing and Finance Stage: BBL offers complete
Engineering and Construction Stage: BBL completes project engineering
During the past few weeks ING Group undertook extensive and constructive discussions with BBL.
This has become the more apparent in the course of the last few weeks when an important group of BBL shareholders announced they would not tender their shares as they would not even have accepted the previously indicated maximum price of BEF 3,600 per share.
The board of directors of BBL has informed ING Group that it approves the information procedure requested by ING Group.
Upon issuing the public offer, ING Group will reserve the right not to purchase the shares tendered under the offer if, after expiration of the term of the offer, it is not able to acquire at least 51 percent of the BBL shares including its present participation.