be accountable

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References in classic literature ?
The landlord shouted to them to leave him alone, for he had already told them that he was mad, and as a madman he would not be accountable even if he killed them all.
I prefer to be foolish when I feel like it, and be accountable to nobody.'
want to be accountable for the hurt that I put Melisa through and the pain that she went through.
If patients relapse later, the program might not even know about it, much less be accountable for it, says Gastfriend.
It seems to me Congress should be accountable to the people that elect them, yet it seems that money and power rule the day when it comes to bank reform."
"Heads of state who support terrorist organizations should be accountable and targeted.
Everyone must be accountable - if I don't get results, I am accountable.
It is hard to stop and force them to be accountable, to be honest about the music and their playing.
Peel Ports Investments will be accountable to no-one.
At a time when their credibility is as low as their refusal to be accountable is high, these shepherds seemingly are assured the ordeal is over and they can resume their authority unanswerable to the urgent needs of the faithful for repentance, reconciliation, and a conversion the highest standards of their positions.
I served in the 75th Ranger Regiment fur several years, and I am disgusted by the ability of our political leadership to make choices that result in the deaths of young men and women in our military, without having to be accountable for those deaths.
"If I'm a First Nations government, I'm trying to be accountable to my own citizens, I'm trying to be accountable to funders because of the regulations under which I'm operating.