be accountable

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The landlord shouted to them to leave him alone, for he had already told them that he was mad, and as a madman he would not be accountable even if he killed them all.
I prefer to be foolish when I feel like it, and be accountable to nobody.
If patients relapse later, the program might not even know about it, much less be accountable for it, says Gastfriend.
It seems to me Congress should be accountable to the people that elect them, yet it seems that money and power rule the day when it comes to bank reform.
Everyone must be accountable - if I don't get results, I am accountable.
It is hard to stop and force them to be accountable, to be honest about the music and their playing.
If I'm a First Nations government, I'm trying to be accountable to my own citizens, I'm trying to be accountable to funders because of the regulations under which I'm operating.
The only people who do not seem to be accountable are the players.
To be accountable is to be that being who is subject to certain kinds of externally imposed conditions.
In the game of hockey, some of those are right after goals, and you have to be accountable in those situations.
Furthermore, by better than three to one respondents said that nonpublic schools receiving public funds "should be required to accept students from a wider range of backgrounds and academic ability levels than is now generally the case" and "should be accountable to the state in the way public schools are accountable"--conditions few, if any, nonpublic schools would accept, as was clearly shown in the U.
The Federal Reserve must be accountable for its actions and has an obligation to disclose as much information as possible about its deliberations and decisions, subject to maintaining the highest possible level of policy effectiveness.