be agreeable

References in classic literature ?
My meaning is that I am a man," said Stryver, inflating himself at his friend as he made the punch, "who cares more to be agreeable, who takes more pains to be agreeable, who knows better how to be agreeable, in a woman's society, than you do.
Monte Cristo summoned the Greek attendant, and bade her inquire whether it would be agreeable to her mistress to receive his visit.
I hope and do not doubt it will be agreeable to see him even though a gentleman, for you had ever a good heart, and he is a worthy worthy man.
To quote Winston Churchill, "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.
MacDonald would be glad to know that this mark of His Majesty's favour would be agreeable to you, and I am therefore to ask if you will be good enough to communicate with me accordingly at your earliest convenience.
While we are supportive of the Carmello approach, we are certainly interested in working with other ACLI companies to try to come to some resolution that would be agreeable to all of the ACLI members," said Northwestern Mutual's Koenig.
It seemed to be agreeable to the staff as well--they were excellent.
There's ample opportunity to get certainly the tax relief, and even some language that may be agreeable to the House and Senate on some of the other issues.
Piano and Foster have shown how the experience of airports can be agreeable, dignified and efficient, with well-lit spaces, clearly planned routes to lead passengers between land and air transport, and, most important of all, sense of individual place within the mighty whole.