be answerable

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We spent the next night in the mountains, but when we should have set out in the morning, were obliged to a fierce dispute with the old Moor, who had not yet lost his inclination to destroy us; he would have had us taken a road which was full of those people we were so much afraid of: at length finding he could not prevail with us, that we charged the goods upon him as belonging to the Emperor, to whom he should be answerable for the loss of them, he consented, in a sullen way, to go with us.
However small Elinor's general dependence on Lucy's veracity might be, it was impossible for her on serious reflection to suspect it in the present case, where no temptation could be answerable to the folly of inventing a falsehood of such a description.
While they were talking, the musician, singer, and poet, who had sung the two stanzas given above came in, and making a profound obeisance to Don Quixote said, "Will your worship, sir knight, reckon and retain me in the number of your most faithful servants, for I have long been a great admirer of yours, as well because of your fame as because of your achievements?" "Will your worship tell me who you are," replied Don Quixote, "so that my courtesy may be answerable to your deserts?" The young man replied that he was the musician and songster of the night before.
The Union will undoubtedly be answerable to foreign powers for the conduct of its members.
He said if you kept quite over Indian brutalities seeing us all die you will be answerable to Allah the Magnificent.
Summary: Washington [USA], June 12 (ANI): Kids are curious and ask innumerable questions which may or may not be answerable by the adults.
Contractors of the Clark International Airport in Pampanga 'need to be answerable' to the damages incurred by the facility following the strong 6.1-magnitude earthquake on April 22.
)ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said Pakistan will no longer be answerable for its human rights abuses once oil reserves are found near Karachi's seas.Speaking to journalists in Islamabad, the premier said, "We are hopeful of finding large reserves of gas and oil in the sea near Karachi.
MIANWALI -- Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday termed accountability and meritocracy hallmarks of a successful democracy and said every leader will now be answerable to the public.
I will only be answerable for the present,' declared the premier.
I will only be answerable for the present," declared the premier.
The MP said she will not accept to be controlled by people who were opposed to development as she is the one who will be answerable to the electorate after five years.