be antagonistic

See: collide
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If you prove yourself through your work, no one can be antagonistic towards you.
(XB200), and Janibacter melonis (XB70) of phyla Actinobacteria were found to be antagonistic. Additional antagonistic XRB include Burkholderia sp.
Counsel then sought to withdraw as counsel for one of the defendants "on the ground that Lieb's and Dolgin's defenses would be antagonistic." The court denied this motion, also.
The mechanism underlying this variation in activity via ER[alpha] and ER[beta] is thought to involve the helix 12 region present in both estrogenic receptors, and the agonist orientation of helix 12 in ER[beta] has been reported to be unstable and thus more likely to be antagonistic than that in ER[alpha] (Gaido et al.
Now that I understand why people need religious belief, I have no reason to be antagonistic. So long, that is, as they respect my lack of need for such belief.
"As far as I am concerned, the more people who see racing the better it is for everyone, so we are not going to be antagonistic because all that will do is turn people against us."
Here affiliation may be antagonistic and ambivalent; commonality is often negotiated through the "contingency" of social interests and political claims.
The court was not informed of what the substance of such testimony would be" ..., nor how it would be antagonistic to the defendant's defense." (742) Rather, the court continued, "This case is more like the situation in Braune than like Lindsay, Yonder or Lee; the circuit court was apprised that each defendant was incriminating the other while asserting his own innocence, and the court was informed of the statements of each defendant to that effect.