be applicable

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Similarly, the definition of the differentiae will be applicable to the species and to the individuals.
If the periods be distant from each other, the same remark will be applicable to all recent measures; and in proportion as the remoteness of the others may favor a dispassionate review of them, this advantage is inseparable from inconveniences which seem to counterbalance it.
They do much better who enumerate the different virtues as Georgias did, than those who thus define them; and as Sophocles speaks of a woman, we think of all persons, that their 'virtues should be applicable to their characters, for says he,
4 .Svc If Applicable Is To Be Specifically Quoted In Case Not Quoted Specifically, The Same Will Not Be Applicable. 5 .As Per Drug Procurement Policy-2014,It Is Mentioned That Except Imported Drugs, If The Registered Firms Is/Are Marketing Drugs Manufactured By Other Manufacturing Units, Then This/These Manufacturing Units Should Be Inspected By The Railway Authority.
Announcement 2005-80 sets out concession terms for 21 transactions for which the IRS has determined the accuracy-related penalty to be applicable. TEI recognizes that the government's positions on these 21 transactions may ultimately be sustained and further recognizes the IRS's interest in pursuing administrative settlement on terms favorable to the IRS.
Michael Bohm, University of Saarland, Germany, the principal investigator for Orqis(TM) suggested that, "Only new technologies like intelligent cardiac assist systems might be applicable in solving the great problems in the cure of patients with pumping failure refractory to medical therapy."
Too often I encounter motorists using country lanes as an access to motorways, at a speed that should only be applicable on motorways.
The proposed regulations are to be applicable for payments made on or after the beginning of the first calendar year that begins after final regulations are published.
The finance minister made it clear that Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies won't be able to participate in insurance ventures as "domestic companies," because the definition of foreign and domestic companies given in the Income-Tax Act will be applicable.