be apposite

See: comport
References in classic literature ?
We were both so excited that, at the moment of greeting, neither of us could be apposite to the occasion in words, so we communicated our feelings by signs; as thus, David half sat down in a place where there was no chair, which is his favourite preparation for being emphatic, and is borrowed, I think, from the frogs, and we then made the extraordinary faces which mean, "What a tremendous adventure
It would be apposite to note here that previously, in a meeting with the UNDP officials, the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan had emphasized for the requirement of additional allocation of funds to ensure the effective implementation of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation strategy for TDPs in FATA and to speed up the efficiency and effectiveness of the departments in FATA secretariat.
It may therefore be apposite to reprint a quote which I found amongst my papers recently, when I was looking for something else (as often happens).