be appropriate

References in classic literature ?
To-night I feel inclined to allow my choice to be directed by sentiment; and as we are on so pretty a pilgrimage, would it not be appropriate to drink Liebfraumilch?
For should any one define in what sense each is an animal, his definition in the one case will be appropriate to that case only.
Additionally, AM Best considers risk management capabilities to be appropriate for TPRE's risk profile.
I agree with Victor though for his stated reasons that a skateboard park would not be appropriate.
Third, prophylaxis and treatment appropriate for the general population might not be appropriate for pregnant women.
Kleuver said a one-size-fits-all product is likely to be appropriate for a small minority of potential customers.
While they agree that physician apologies may be appropriate in some circumstances, these lawyers are reluctant to embrace the apology movement that is sweeping the health care industry.
We concluded that rodents may not be appropriate models for exposure to the class of PCBs discussed in the article and suggested that previous research using rodent models to predict the effects of these PCBs on humans may need to be re-evaluated in light of our findings.
A: No, an OMRA would not be appropriate. A rehab RUG could be captured if the resident's status meets the criteria for a Significant Change in Status Assessment.
The student is asked, "If the music you are playing were the music for a movie, what scenario might be appropriate?" To answer this question, the student must form a mental image of tone and timing that expresses the emotion suggested by the score.
The impulses must emerge from the actual life of the churches, and the product must be appropriate to an edifying for all the Christian people.
A similar uneasiness moved Fredric Jameson, in his recent book A Singular Modernity: Essay on the Ontology of the Present (2002), to take a position against such backward-directed self-affirmations, even if they pretend to be meant ironically, and to demand that we finally ask ourselves whether, in the face of aesthetic shabbiness, historical inadequacy, and an attitude that ironizes everything and thus excuses itself from any social responsibility--whether in the face of all these developments it wouldn't be appropriate to remember the concepts of modernism and see which of them might be worth saving