be assuaged

See: relent
References in classic literature ?
Philip discovered that the greatest tragedy of life to these people was not separation or death, that was natural and the grief of it could be assuaged with tears, but loss of work.
He was reported, though, as not inclined to file cases against those responsible for it; we understand he derives his position from the US vs Bustos case-that in the case of public officials under attack, 'the wound can be assuaged with the balm of a clear conscience.'
Last week, in the High Court, a judge gave them the right to keep their baby and spoke of the devastation the loss of their other children must have caused, a devastation that cannot be assuaged for an adoption order is never rescinded.
Still I think local pride will be assuaged that in a week spent travelling from the Eden Valley and with the rival attractions of Appleby, Malham Cove, Skipton, Haworth and Bront'land, Hebden Bridge, Hardcastle Crags and Saltaire, two days should be devoted to us.
Although GM foods may offer great benefits, certain concerns must be assuaged before these foods can be accepted as a net gain.
Before turning to our specific concerns about the corporate information reporting proposal, TEI wants to acknowledge the Subcommittee's willingness to work with taxpayers to develop alternatives by which taxpayers' legitimate concerns can be assuaged, payer and payee burdens can be minimized, and the IRS's compliance objectives can be furthered.