be averse

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But it will not lead to a full Elton Glee tribute, like the ones dedicated to Britney Spears, Lagy Gaga and Madonna - even though John wouldn't be averse to such an idea.
Because sentences satisfying the schema <S is averse to p> are analyzable in terms of "desire" sentences satisfying the schema <S desires that not-p>, to be averse to something is to desire its denial.
I might have a desire to experience the flavors and textures involved in taking a sip of beer, and thereby be averse to not experiencing those flavors and textures.
O'Neill said: "I am sure that Tom will want to stay on in the game and I wouldn't be averse to having him involved at Celtic.
ARSENAL will fight to convince Marc Overmars his future lies at Highbury well beyond the end of this season after the Dutch wing wizard indicated he would not be averse to continuing his career abroad.
His counterpart, Daschle, said he would not be averse to such a caucus.
In addition, management has consistently indicated that AGL would not be averse to issuing equity in order to maintain an appropriate capital structure.