be beholden

See: owe
References in classic literature ?
Your own honour and good name demand that, after the discovery of his vile proceedings, you should not be beholden to him one hour, even for the shelter of these bare walls.'
Two months ago he would have declared stoutly that he would never be beholden to his wife's friends; but now he told himself as stoutly that it was nothing but right and natural that Bessy should go to the Pullets and explain the thing to them; they would hardly let Bessy's furniture be sold, and it might be security to Pullet if he advanced the money,--there would, after all, be no gift or favor in the matter.
The Balanga prelate also expressed hope that the SC will be independent and that the new CJ wont be beholden to anyone.
'I will not allow the government to be beholden to anyone except to the people,' he said of his rejection of P383 million in EU aid.
What occurred last week was a classic illustration of why we should govern ourselves, and certainly not be beholden to unelected bureaucrats who look forward to their feathered nests when they leave the stage.
They must really be beholden to that country, but never mind.
Dr McDonnell ruled out a coalition with the Tories, pledged to oppose welfare cuts and said his party would represent the best interests of Northern Ireland rather than be beholden to other parties in post-poll talks.
"I deleted my tweet because I did not want to be beholden to this promise and then change my mind.
I am not suggesting we should be beholden to these people but a simple but sincere thank you instead of saying "what's in it for them?" would be nice.
Such responsibility requires someone who not only knows how to run it, but to run it honestly and not be beholden to some patron for his job.
Farmer, who acknowledged the paper's often left-leaning editorial page, said he is more of an independent and did not believe the paper would be beholden to either party.
Will our Assembly seek his resignation as Secretary of State or will we in the north continue to be beholden to a person obviously overstressed and over worked and quite liable to forget our country's interests.