be cautious

References in classic literature ?
Surely, a woman is bound to be cautious and listen to those who know the world better than she does.
Yes, yes, yes, I'll be cautious," said Miss Pross; "but I may say among ourselves, that I do hope there will be no oniony and tobaccoey smotherings in the form of embracings all round, going on in the streets.
He found it expedient to be cautious all the time, except for the rare moments, when, assured of his own intrepidity, he abandoned himself to petty rages and lusts.
results:or may be not:but I prefer to be cautious anyway," Ivanishvili stated.
If we don't know much about what will happen in the future--and I agree with Litterman that we don't--then we should be cautious.
You try to live your life the best you can and just be cautious about the people around you.
Curtis feels she's coming out as a politically involved member of the gay community when many gays and lesbians, particularly those who work in creative fields, are pressured to be cautious.
Q WHERE can I invest some money where I can be cautious now but take advantage when markets recover?
We must be cautious because of the market--these expansions have to afford us a lower cost product somehow.
Despite Ortiz's optimism, the Angels say they will be cautious with him.