be chargeable

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Not that she questioned, for a moment, the kind wishes and intentions of her daughter; but she affirmed that so long as God spared her health and strength, she would make use of them to earn her own livelihood, and be chargeable to no one; whether her dependence would be felt as a burden or not.
Kit's mother and the single gentleman--upon whose track it is expedient to follow with hurried steps, lest this history should be chargeable with inconstancy, and the offence of leaving its characters in situations of uncertainty and doubt--Kit's mother and the single gentleman, speeding onward in the post-chaise- and-four whose departure from the Notary's door we have already witnessed, soon left the town behind them, and struck fire from the flints of the broad highway.
Air India has said reservation for middle seats in the front and the middle portions of the aircraft would be chargeable. However, "all seats in the rear portion, including window, aisle and middle will remain free of charge", it said.
Based on the current growth rate, a number of forecasts predict that,by 2020, some four percent of cars will be chargeable.
The judges unanimously agreed that Armenia has to pay Elkhan Chiragov, Adishirin Chiragov, Ramiz Jabrayilov, Akif Hasanov, Fekhreddin Pashayev and Sagatel Jabrayilova, within three months, the following amounts: 5,000 euros to each one of them, plus any tax that may be chargeable, in respect of pecuniary and nonpecuniary damage, and 28,642.87 pounds sterling plus any tax that may be chargeable to them, in respect of costs and expenses.
The ministerial resolution features 23 services that shall be chargeable at AED 100-AED 50,000.
Through Finance Act, 2016 urea fertilizer will now be chargeable to sales tax @ 5%.
Capital gains arising on or after July 1, 2010, from disposal of securities held for a period of less than a year, shall be chargeable to tax at the rates specified in Division VII of Part I of the first schedule.
Any purchase price for the freehold interest will not be chargeable to VAT.
As to the cost of this use of computers and internet, the systems in a workplace would not normally be chargeable as per a dial-up service.
To be chargeable with knowledge of such a debt, the executor must be in possession of such facts as to "put him on inquiry."
The Court of Appeals also gives assurance that the broker fees charged for reletting will be chargeable to the defaulting tenant rather than absorbed by the landlord.